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We are Neoshop.online

Welcome to our new website, born from our former experience Neoshopneo.

The main difference with the past is that today we have created a “box” with many brands (all-female), a colored showcase where our creative talents can show you what the excellence of Made in Italy can offer.

In our workshop on line you can find  the best creations of our artisans, the highest expressions of their  talent.

We will move forward along this way, hoping to match your tastes and carrying on our philosophy: works of art, not products; passionate people not simple consumers!

Not only Home Decor

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  • c17-basket-robusto-black
  • caftano-pamela
  • candela-grande-4a
  • candela-grande-4c
  • cappotto-carla
  • coll03
  • coll35-black-copia
  • grandi-1
  • grandi-3b
  • grandi-4
  • grandi-8a
  • grandi-9
  • grandi-9
  • hc17-basket-robusto-white
  • marina
  • neo33a-black-1
  • neoepic-1-1-mix-red-copia
  • p-2-acceso
  • panta-camilla
  • panta-paola
  • piramide-1b
  • square-lungo
  • trapezio
  • uova-3
Discover our LookBook

Discover our LookBook

S E A S O N 2 0 1 7 / 2 0 1 8
Neo’ is a company with a philosophy that focuses on creating timeless, exclusive items that are easy to care for and made to last. Each product is entirely handmade in Italy, using traditional techniques and processes, relying completely on the skills of local

– See the Gallery –

Candele's Store

Candele's Store

See the Gallery
Candele’s Store: silver, bronze and precious stones rings to reinterpret the classic shapes, with news structures and materials.

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